1964 Chevy II Nova Station Wagon

So what's a Nova Wagon doing in a site devoted to a BMW 2002tii? This car was my first restoration project. It was completed 1998 and I learned a lot doing it. Chiefly, this car taught me that professional paint stripping is a bargain, and that body shops will charge a fortune to do even shoddy rust repair. A motivated and dedicated amateur can perform work at least on a level to a body shop, and often for less money. I also learned that that only true way to restore a car is to do it from the ground up. Anything else is just a repaint, or a mechanical rebuild.

It features some old school motivation, using the original 283—warmed up with Headman headers, 10:1 pistons, a Weiand intake, an Edlebrock 4-barrel carb, and an RV cam. The original Powerglide transmission has been modified with a shift kit and a converter from a six-cylinder car, for slightly higher stall speed. Rear helper springs lift the back a little bit too.

I painted the car with DuPont products. Vari Prime etching primer went down first, followed by two coats of Uro primer surfacer. Finally, it was painted inside and out with Chroma Base and Chroma Clear. The color is an Aqua Metallic used on Geo Metros.

Nova 01

This was a pretty thorough project, although I would hesitate to call it a full restoration.

Nova 02

It'll run the 1/4 mile in the 17s, which isn't too bad for a small motor at nearly 6000 feet above sea level.

Nova 03

Daughter Grace, age 16 months in this picture, poses for the camera.

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