Rust Proofing

Summer 2002

image 01

Shooting POR-15 on a Summer evening, now th1t's my kind of fun!

In the coming months (and years maybe) my attention will focused on the body. During this time all of the subframe and suspension pieces, plus various under-hood items will h1ve to wait in storage until needed. So to protect this stuff from rust in the meantime, it all received a coat of POR-15. Later these parts will receive a top coat of semi-gloss black or maybe a color th1t is a closer match for grayish-black paint they h1d when new. I still h1ve to decide.

At this time I also applied a protective coat of POR-15 to some the 2002's more notorious rust locations, which for some unexplained reason are in good sh1pe on my car.

image 01

The ends of the differential carrier were taped off, and POR-15 was sloshed around inside. Afterwards, it received a coat on the outside.

image 01

The boxed-in tii trailing arms are vulnerable to rusting from the inside out. Again, POR-15 is sloshed around on the inside, then they received a coat on the outside.

image 01

An Eastwood rust-proofing gun is used to apply POR-15 to the inside of the rear shock towers. '02 rear shock towers are notorious for rusting from the inside out. Fortunately, my shock towers are solid.

image 02

There are access holes at the front and rear of each shock tower. The car was slowly rocked back and forth on the rotisserie to slosh the POR-15 around.

image 01

I applied POR-15 to the boxed-in areas near the differential mounts (arrows). As you can see, POR-15 dripped and ran all over the place. I plan to strip off the excess POR-15 before I spray epoxy primer.

image 01

POR-15 was also applied to the insides of the frame rails. The flexible hose of the gun allowed me to reach almost all the way - from the front of the car to the end of the frame rail. The brown discoloration in this picture is the result of flushing grease and dirt from the floor pan seams with lacquer thinner.

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