Snorkel Removal


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Chances are that some point in its life, a 2002tii will end up getting a new nose. That's exactly what happened to my tii. Unfortunately, authentic tii noses are not available as replacement parts (I'm not sure they ever were).

So what's the big deal about standard versus tii noses? Well, it's all about the snorkel. Standard '02s all have a small tube, or snorkel, protruding through the radiator support on the right-hand side of the car. This snorkel provides fresh air to the air cleaner on stock single-carb cars. Tiis, however, utilize a completely different air cleaner configuration and don't have a snorkel in the radiator support. Since replacement tii noses are not available, it's perfectly acceptable for a tii to have a standard nose. With this in mind, I gave a considerable amount of thought to the snorkel question. Should I remove it? If so, how?

No Snorkel

A tii with the correct nose.

With Snorkel

Can you spot the snorkel? Top-Bryan Lancelot's concours winning 1973 2002tii at the 2002 BMWCCA Oktoberfest. Bottom-my diamond in the rough.

Tii Nose Job

After staring at my nose (the car's nose, not the one ony my face - then again maybe I could use some snorkel work too) for a while, the idea hit me. Why not cut the left-hand corner of the radiator support out of a donor car and flip it around to create a patch? Now to find a donor nose. Richard, a local '02, enthusiast just happened to be cutting up a really ratty square-tailight car. He gave me the nose on the condition that I properly recycle it when I had what I needed.

While I am sure that I'm not the first person to come up with this idea, I felt pretty clever that I thought of it on my own. Check out Keith's site, He has done the same thing to the nose of his car.

Snorkel 1

This is what I started with, a chunk of radiator support cut out of another nose.

Snorkel 2

I prepared it by drilling out the spot welds and cutting it down to size.

Snorkel 3

Here is our victim.

Snorkel 4

The snorkel tube was removed first.

Snorkel 5

Then I cut the old piece out.

Snorkel 6

It took a lot of trial and error to get the new piece to fit. Notice the pie cut to help match the contour ( red arrow) of the radiator support. You can see that I decided to leave the snorkel cut-out alone (blue arrow). The hood ,when raised, will obscure this area somewhat. Plus, I thought it would be kind of cool to leave behind a clue about the origin of this nose.

Snorkel 7

Before I welded the patch in I closed up the old wiring harness hole. I also drilled three holes for plug welding.

Snorkel 8

After grinding down the welds, the patch was ready to be installed.

Snorkel 9

The patch was tack welded in place. Then I carefully aligned and clamped everything before welding the rest.

Snorkel 10

With the rest of the patch welded in, I cut some small pieces of metal and welded up the pie cut.

Snorkel 11

A little bit of filler was used to help smooth things out. Once this area is primed, I'll decide if any more filler is needed.

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