Winter 2008 Update

We'll start with the transmission mounts and then get to some more pictures of the woody.

Getrage 245

You can see here that I've got a 2-piece Getrag 245 5-speed tranny (bottom). It came with the car when I bought it. Most conversions use the more common 3-piece Getrag 245. Unfortunately, the 2-piece 245 is about an inch shorter than the 3-piece unit. So the usual conversion kits and instructions won't be so helpful for me. Here I'm measuring the lengths of the transmissions to determine how far back to move the brackets.

Transmission bracket

Before removing the bracket I marked the original location of the bracket. I also widened the tunnel so that the distance between the brackets will be about the same.

Transmission bracket

After a little massaging, the bracket fits into its new home. I moved the brackets back 55 mm.

Transmission brackets from bottom

A shot from bottom to give you an idea of how far the bracket moved.

We've been working on the woody for about six years. When my Dad bought the car from a junkyard in Iowa the wood was missing and there wasn't much left of the floor. Now after a ton of work, the restoration is probably about 80% complete:

Once everything is painted and color sanded, the wood can go back on and I get to return to my 2002.

Wood shop

Here we are at the wood shop. Actually it's the garage of a retired Denver firefighter. All the wood was custom fit to the car.

Maple framing

The Maple framing is constructed first. Later he'll fit Mahogany plywood behind the Maple.

Maple finshing

Back in my Dad's shop. The Maple framing is finished. Tinted DuPont clearcoat was used instead of varnish.

Panel finishing

The Mahogany plywood gets clearcoat in our DIY paint booth.

Fresh paint

Fresh paint! We've been using PPG products: DP epoxy primer, K36 primer surfacer, and Delstar acrylic enamel paint. We've done our best to match the original color.

Painted woody 02

Considering my amateur painting skills and our crude booth, I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.

Painted woody 03

It took a lot of work to get the roof this straight. This poor old beast definitely wasn't pampered.

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