A Dolly for a 2002

I set out to build a dolly using the same scrap industrial shelving material that was used to build the rotisserie mounting adapters, and it works great. The large casters make it possible to roll the 2002 shell over gravel and cracks in pavement with very little effort. Rolling the shell up an enclosed trailer ramp was surprisingly easy for two people. This was a very easy, useful, and satisfying project.


This dolly was very easy to build and has turned out to be quite useful.

Now that this dolly has been built, it is hard to imagine how we managed without it. And it works well with other projects. A friend is currently using it as he restores a '67 International Scout. It will also be used on my dad's '50 Ford Woody Wagon.

Dolly and 2002

The dolly supports a 2002 on the frame rails and the rocker panels. Longer 4x4s could be used for wider cars.

image 01

Pushing the shell up into the trailer was a snap.

Dolly Plans

Dolly Plans

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